Wow. Area 51 Hide and Seek in Fortnite Creative! | Swiftor

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Another impressive map by Rellik in Fortnite Creative – this time he brings us to Area 51 – and I have to take a break from my cardio class to hunt down all these intruders. Speaking of aliens, it’s cool to see the government reveal it’s something they officially investigate. Do you believe in ALIENS? I DO.

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33 thoughts on “Wow. Area 51 Hide and Seek in Fortnite Creative! | Swiftor”

  1. How do they get so much into 1 map.i slap down a few buildings and all the memory space is used up????.
    Doubt I could ever come up wth anything even close to some of these maps but be nice to get 1 to fit on the island memory.😒😒😒

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